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How to get lucky

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To be lucky:

* Believe in your luck, to start…

* Stay flexible. Stop pointing, get angry. The unlucky ones become and are revolted, annoyed, embittered.

* Be kind. Learn to forgive. Do not harbor any grudges, revenge, bad faith: out negative feelings!

* Trust your intuition. You are protected, feel it, and let yourself be guided. Tune in to the highest vibrations possible. Honor your guardian angel.

* See the positive instead of the negative. The bottles are now half full!

* Stay open-minded, take an interest in as many things as possible. The insignificant at the time may prove essential later…

* Spot the right opportunities.

* Be tolerant, support others. ‘Vae Solis, woe to those who live alone; they are unlucky ‘says the proverb.

* Service the lucky network. Have friends of doctors, lawyers, police. Napoleon fled from people who thought they had bad luck, or who had it. He was right! These people are contagious, by the bad luck they grieve and by the negative they emit. Protect yourself spiritually when surrounded by such people.

how to get luck

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