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Luck: the origins

origins of luck

Notice to superstitious!

After my many unlucky adventures in recent days,
I looked at ‘luck‘ and its existence.

Should we believe it? Is it chance? Can you really be someone who has ‘bad luck’?
Here are the answers in this article which summarizes my research.

To begin with, a brief return to the past will look at the origins and help us understand what ‘luck’ is.

Luck is no coincidence, since it is its opposite. Luck is favoritism.
…Favoritism you say? Exactly!…

  • According to the Ancients, the human being had to escape determinism and destiny.
  • According to the first Greeks, the Anangke necessity was all powerful. She imposed herself on the Gods.
  • Tuké or Tyché then becomes protection for Men. Since then, each city had its Tuké represented blind and crowned with towers.


  • tyché luck
  • It united at the end of the Roman Empire with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. She therefore becomes Isis-Tuké..

Representation of the Goddesses.

The Roman Goddess Fortuna is represented with a cornucopia (see article: the cornucopia). Thanks to its horn, it can pour out gifts to men and direct our life with a rudder. It even replaces the favor of the Roman gods, when secularism increases. It will therefore last throughout the Middle Ages (despite Christianization!)..

Fortuna goddess of luck


One of the songs of the Goliards and other gyrovagic monks kept in ‘Carmina Burana’ is a hymn to the Goddess Fortuna.

This is Isis, whose symbol is the cross of Ankh.

isis luck goddess

Let’s go back to our time now!

The decline of ‘traditional religions’ has given way to ‘lucky religions‘: today, trying your luck with skyscrapers, grids or even entering a casino is within everyone’s reach, or almost. Why are we tempted so easily? Why, despite the many times we lose, we still try our luck again?

  • According to psychoanalysts, worried and anxious people who keep the unconscious conviction of being cursed try to escape bad luck. They try again and again to win « in what is for them divine favor ».

Why gain does not reassure?
He happens to win. Hurray! Let’s try our luck again, why not … Yep, why ‘not’?
The gain does not reassure, because we need a new confirmation, like children or lovers who need to hear constantly that we love them.

casino luck

To be lucky is to be blessed by the Gods. We note that the players have a deeply religious mentality, even if some do not want to admit it. When they win, they have the favors of fate, the proof that they are ‘connected’ to the beyond, they regress to a magic thought (not to use the term ‘religious thought’ which can be too strong or unsuitable).

Players use many superstitions to ward off the spell. See the following articles: 4 leaf clover, lucky charm


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