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The most widespread tradition tells that the Sirens were beings symbolizing the souls of the dead.

They were represented by birds with human heads and charmed men with their melodious songs. They trained the unsuspecting sailors in a vast meadow covered with bones and withered flesh…

Their representation changed in the Middle Ages, with the influence of the legends of the Nordic tales: they had the physique of women with fish tails.

mermaids superstition

The Mermaids are the daughters of Acheloos (The Star River god according to Greek mythology), hence their name Acheloids, or the daughters of Phorcys (Primordial Marine Divinity).

According to the tradition from the Homeric tale of the Odyssey, the Sirens were deities of the sea who were at the entrance to the Strait of Sicily (on an island located between the Island of Aea and that of the Charybdis monsters and Scylla). There are other places of their stay, such as Cap Pélore, Île d’Anthémuse, Îles de Sirénuses, or Caprée.

It is said that it was enough to hear their bewitching songs and to perceive their irresistible beauty to sink with them in the dark waters… The Sirens trained the sailors or the unfortunate to death…

Their songs would be inspired by the prophecies and songs of Hades from Beyond.

superstition on mermaids

Now, the representation of sirens has changed. Particularly since Disney’s « The Little Mermaid », which offers a charming, kind and comely representation of a mermaid.

the little mermaid

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