‘No Mind’ Meditation


This article is addressed to people who wish

get rid of the tensions caused by their minds.

Notice to those who think too much and do not know

how to escape from ‘their head’ to breathe!

No Mind Meditation.
Get rid of your mental tensions!

1) Get settled.
Make yourself comfortable. Put on clothes that you feel comfortable with. Make sure to remove anything that could disturb you during your meditation (cut your cell, your television, your radio …). Try to meditate in silence (no background music, noise, etc.).

2) Gibberish!
The goal is to gossip! Emit inarticulate sounds, without any sense, small noises, express yourself without thinking. It does not matter if the sentences mean nothing, or if your language of expression is non-existent. Outside anger, anxiety and stress! Think differently than ‘words’. Break your habit, get rid of your hassle.


3) Turn to your interior.
Stop jabbering when you think you have taken all your stress. Once exhausted of any negative feeling, lie on your back. Stay still and relax. Let silence come to you.

4) End of meditation…
Take back your spirits slowly and quietly. Resume your usual activities.


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