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Superstitions on bags


Small article of superstitions on the bags that I find very surprising!

* If you have just bought a new bag, put a coin: it will attract money.

* Putting your bag on the floor when sitting on a terrace or in a restaurant attracts bad luck and portends poverty. Always put your handbag on our lap or on a chair next to us!

* If you lend your handbag to a friend who is going to get married, you lose your luck immediately! But it will bring happiness to the bride. So, you know what you have to do for a great girlfriend who will get married: lend her your handbag!

* If you are pregnant, be careful! Never look in an empty bag! This presages that your child will go hungry all his life.

* For the English, blowing into a paper bag and popping it at home attracts bad luck.

* In Germany, it is said that washing a bag makes it rain.


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