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Superstitions on jewelry


Beyond beauty: protection

Before being worn by coquetry, the jewels were amulets protecting the part of the body on which they were placed.

The circle, a form adopted by many jewels, gave the bearer a great magical power. The jewels played the role of stabilizers maintaining the cohesion between the body and the soul of the wearer.
Ancient warriors wore many bracelets for this reason.

Depending on the metal and the stones that compose it, the jewel can ward off evil spirits.

Death and jewels

It is customary to remove the rings from the deceased as well as from the mystics in order to let their souls fly / rise towards the deity.

According to some beliefs, it is dangerous to wear the jewel of a deceased, especially if you do not know his story. This can indeed bring bad luck and draw bad luck.
If the former owner does not want the new wearer to steal a piece of jewelery, he can take revenge by drawing misfortune on him.

We remember of course the story of Lord Carnarvon, who mysteriously died in 1923 after taking jewelery in the tomb of Tutankhamen, or the diamond hope that witnessed the death of almost all its owners.


How to know if the jewel is evil?

If every time you wear a jewel:
* You get sick.
* You miss your appointments.
* Your luck seems to be absent.
* Events seem to be fighting against you.
* You are less efficient.
* You feel weak.
* You feel heavy.
* The jewel is itching.
It is best that you get rid of the jewel in question.

On the contrary, a jewel can bring good luck. Also old jewelry. All my rings come from flea markets, garage sales or have been given to me. They have all been worn at least once by someone I do not know! Luckily, I did not encounter any particular problems in wearing them.


Superstition, when you hold us …

It is said that losing, giving or selling a jewel cancels the luck that accompanies it.

To make the copy of a jewel without exactly respecting the original drawing would bring down bad luck!

You lost a jewel? This is the sign of trouble … You lost a jewel in the snow? An even more precious object will be lost in the year …

Did you drop a jewel in a pit / tank? Bye bye the jewel, hello reconciliation with an old enemy!

A woman who gives birth must remove all her jewels imperatively. Otherwise, his child will be hurt.

A child must not wear a jewel belonging to his parents. He must not wear his curb before his baptism.

Some comedians are reluctant to wear jewelry inside a theater, especially on stage.


Source : Le livre des superstitions d’Eloïze Mozzani.

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