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Why shouldn’t we wish good luck?

Why shouldn’t we wish good luck?

We have all seen the faces of some people decompose when we wish them ‘good luck‘ before an important exam, an interview or a show. It is then up to us to harvest the anger that we have sown!

Why, then ? At the beginning, it started from a good intention …

The explanations below will surely help us better understand why we provoke such reactions with a simple ‘good luck!’

* Among the Ancient Greeks, the belief that the Gods could be jealous was attested!
Thus, one should especially not wish ‘good luck’ to someone, because that could make the Gods jealous and thus, attract bad luck. Wishing ‘good luck’ therefore brought bad luck!

Much later, ‘good luck’ was replaced by the famous ‘shit!’ very effective, it seems.

Did you know?

In England, we say ‘break your leg!’ or ‘break your wrist!’ etc … In order to wish luck. So, fate cannot play a trick on us since it has nothing to envy us!


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