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The Minor Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille

The minor arcana complete the signification of major arcana drawn in tarot de marseille.

They fall into four categories:

minor arcana coins
Suit of coins, which represents the material.

tarot wands
Suit of wands, which represents vitality.

minor arcana tarot of marseille
Suit of Cups (Chalice), which represents the feelings

tarot card sword
Suit of swords, who represents the work.

In each category, 10 numbered cards are associated:
Ace means beginning.
2 represents love.
3 is the transformation.
4 is stability.
5 is the evolution.
6 is the association.
7 represents success.
8 represents passivity.
9 is the creative.
10 is the culmination.

As well as 4 characters (honors):

tarot de marseille le valet
The valet is the symbol of the project.

minor arcana the knight
The horseman represents the exchange.

tarot le roi
The king is the achievement.

la reine carte arcane tarot
The queen is the possession.

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