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Today let us see together the taro draw method of the karma game. I know that many of you are curious to know where they come from and wish to know their karmic baggage. You are right ! Knowing one’s karmic baggage makes it possible to understand what is happening to us and to know how to improve things while respecting the laws of karma.

Here is a very simple method that you can do for yourself or for a consultant.

Level of difficulty: very simple.

You have to…

All the major arcana of your tarot of Marseille.
Your concentration to the max, and your third eye well open.


Cut the game
Open the 22 major arcana fan.
Extract three cards and arrange them online in the order they were drawn.


The first card (the one on the far left) represents your karma : where you come from, your karmic baggage left by your previous life, what you will have to live with.
The second card (middle one) represents your current life . It tells you what you should do and follow to quickly respect karma.
The third card (the one on the far right) represents your reincarnation fate .


Good session of divination to all!

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