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Pentacle game


Let’s see today the game of the pentacle. This divinatory tarot game will allow you to answer a question with details.

Level of difficulty : Very simple.

You have to …
All minor mysteries of your Marseille tarot.
Your concentration to the maximum and your third eye well open.

Mix the game your way. Let the consultant extract a map, which you will place in first position. Then extract 4 arcana from the game. Arrange them in a star, to make a pentacle.
Here is a diagram for the order of draw:


Interpretation of pentacle game

The first card matches the consultant’s desire, expectations.
Cards # 2 and 4 are the obstacles the consultant may encounter.
Cards # 3 and 5 are the support and support he can receive.

You can also take into consideration the colors of the cards to know if the consultant is the object of a bad luck or not. If three cards are of the opposite color to the card extracted by the consultant (the number 1), it means that there is a risk of bad luck.



Have fun!

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