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Tarot of the week


To start the week, how about a card draw? By making the draw of cards explained below, you will have answers to all your questions about your upcoming week. Love, family, health, work, money … You can ask for anything you want.

Get hold of your tarot deck and extract all your major arcana. Bring light into your room, focus and let your third eye guide you!


Shuffle your major arcana face down.
Draw 14 arcana and place them in two horizontal rows of 7 cards each.


The first card in the first row and the first card in the second row is Monday,
The second card in the first row and the second card in the second row is Tuesday, and so on.

Interpretation begins the day after the consultation .
Let me explain: if you use this draw method on a Wednesday, start with the fourth cards of the two rows, then finish with the third cards of the two rows.

Remember: in this draw, three cards have special meaning:
The Wheel of Fortune indicates a strongly positive week.
The Tower indicates unmet wishes.
Hangman indicates unmet wishes.

And now you have everything you need to start your week in style! You can make this draw yourself for yourself, or for a consultant.

Good session of divination!




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