Tarot reading

Oracle game, draw your cards yourself


Today, I propose you a new method of drawing tarot, which you can carry out for yourself or for a consultant.

This game is very easy to do, fast and provides a clear answer to a specific question . Let’s see what you need for this draw!

Difficulty level

Very easy.

You need …
All your major arcana cards.
Your third eye open!


Shuffle your major arcana, face down.
Extract four four and arrange them this way:
Make a square. Place the first card at the top left. The second, lower left. The third at the top right. The fourth, bottom right.


The top maps provide the overall answer, whether positive or negative.
The bottom ones represent past and present events that have still lasting effects : they may change the outcome .

This draw can be done once a week maximum. It is important to vary the questions: do not ask the same question several times!

Good session of divination to all,


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