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Relationship game for couple


Here’s a tarot draw method to use to learn more about a relationship . It can be yours or your consultant’s.
But attention : Do not ask cards to answer questions about the couple of someone who is not present / who has not allowed you to know more about their relationship. 1: this can skew the results. 2: it’s misplaced curiosity.

This method of drawing is a little more difficult than the ones I explained to you until now, but a beginner can very well try it. Up to you ! Do not be discouraged if, during your first draws, you seem to be getting tangled up with the brushes. At first, it is quite normal to have to look at the explanation of the method and the meaning of the cards in the upside-down place. In the past, it will become natural. You must be patient !

I really like this method because it is complete and gives a lot of details . The only problem: there is no question of talking about the past or the future: it’s 100% instant present!

You have to …

All the major arcana of your divination tarot.
Your concentration to the maximum.
Your third eye open!


Shuffle the major arcana face down.
Extract ten arcana.
Arrange 9 cards in three horizontal rows of three slides each (see diagram below).
The 10th and last arcane will be placed at the top of the three rows, above the middle column.




The interpretation is quite peculiar for this method of drawing tarot.
You must interpret each card, taking into account its place in the game and respecting the direction of the row.
Start reading with vertical rows . You will see in the diagram above what each row corresponds to. You can replace ‘she and him’ with ‘she and she’ or ‘him and him’, according to the partners.
Next, interpret the horizontal rows , starting with ‘availability’ and ending with ‘sexual sphere’.
Availability is the willingness of partners to help and support each other, both inside and outside the couple.
The emotional sphere corresponds to feelings, desires, feelings, fears, hopes.
The sexual sphere is attraction and reciprocity.
Conclude the reading by interpreting the map at the top: ‘ the synthesis ‘. It represents the fate of the relationship .


You can make this card drawing by yourself and for yourself, or for someone else.

Good card draw to all!

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