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The Major Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille

major arcana tarot de marseille

The tarot of Marseille is a set of Latin cards. All cards are decorated with specific images. Tarot de Marseille has been associated with Taromancy since the 18th century.
It is composed of minor arcana and major arcana.

The major arcana are:

le bateleur arcane tarot de marseille
The Magician or The Juggler

la papesse arcane tarot de marseille
The Popess

tarot impératrice
The Empress

arcane majeur empereur
The Emperor

 carte tarot le pape
The Pope

Amoureux arcane marseille
The Lover

Le Chariot au tarot de marseille
The Chariot

la justice

hermite carte tarot
The Hermit

la roue de la fortune
The Wheel of Fortune

La force

Le pendu tarot de marseille gratuit
The Hanged Man

La Mort - tarot en ligne gratuit
Unlabelled or Death

 La tempérance - carte de tarot de marseille

le diable
The Devil

La maison dieu au tarot
The Tower or The House of God

The Star

la lune
The Moon

Le soleil - carte gratuite tarot divinatoire
The Sun

La carte le Jugement

Le monde
The World

tarot arcane le fou le mat
The Fool

Each arcana or trump has a meaning, which differs according to its place in the game and the association with other arcanas or trumps.

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