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Do not forget to say THANK YOU


The power of thoughts: pay attention to what you say, but also to what you think!

As I noted in The power of thoughts, our thoughts are constantly referred to the Universe . So when we think negative, we draw the negative. And when we think positive, we attract the positive. Obviously, when we have spent years thinking negative, the negative is attracted to us as by «  habit « . When we start to think positive, it is necessary to give a little time to the Universe to send us positive. Yes, the Universe, he has thoughts to manage …

Think well: a real workout.

It is very difficult to think positive from one day to the next. When we are used to thinking negative, it is necessary to remedy it, certainly, but it still requires a little bit of training … When our morale is low, or when we come to learn bad news, our thoughts will automatically move towards ease, or rather, towards habit: the negative. « Why does this happen to me? » « What did I do to deserve this? » « It’s always the same » « Nothing ever goes … »

Be brave! Do not give up. Continue your way to the positive without turning away. Do not let your morale destroy your work: Tame your morale by the force of your thoughts!

Life does not reserve us only good surprises, it is made of pitfalls and tests that we will have to overcome. Let’s try to see the positive that this brings us: the bad news and the « insurmountable » proofs, once accepted / finished, make us stronger , more experienced and by the done: wiser.


Saying thanks is being polite, but not that…

Here’s a little exercise that’s perfect for what I call in-between: the moment when we want to think positive, but during which our mechanism of thought still tends towards the negative.

When you go to bed, for example , take a moment to recap your day. Weigh the counter, but especially the for. Think hard about all the beautiful things that made your day so much better. And then, thank you.

Say thank you as many times as you want, the better, it is to think it sincerely. The first days, when you thank life, the sky, the Universe, or even yourself, for all these good times of the day, it is possible that you do not feel 100% in this thank you. Like you do not really think so. It’s normal, do not be discouraged! Like anything else, it’s a question of training and habit. (Let’s be honest: it’s not our custom to thank someone or someone who is not in front of us.) Gradually, you will feel a very strong sensation comparable to Infinite Love. Your ‘thank you‘ will then make sense.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you want, and find your favorite moment. Morning, noon or evening.


The results

After a few days, you will notice the effectiveness of this exercise. The more sincere you are in your thanks, the more good surprises will be on your way.

And believe me, we always have a reason to say ‘thank you‘. Thank you for being alive, thank you for being healthy, thank you for eating, thank you for drinking, thank you for being surrounded by nice people, thank you, thank you, thank you …

THANK YOU for reading me!

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