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The day of « White Lunar Mirror »


Hello everyone !

Did you know today is a very special day?

Indeed ! September 9, 2015 is the White Lunar Mirror day, which we could translate as the day of the white lunar mirror « . This is the second day of the 13-day cycle named «  Red Earth « , symbolizing evolution, timing, and navigation.

What does the White Lunar Mirror bring us?

The day of the «  white lunar mirror  » symbolizes the reflection, the order and the interminable. To understand exactly what the White Lunar Mirror is, imagine yourself in the middle of two mirrors: one facing you, and the other reflecting your back. By reflecting one another in your image, they symbolize the endless reflection of yourself.

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It’s time to be at peace with yourself! For although contemplating the interminable reflection of oneself may be Narcissus’ ultimate dream, it requires for us, others, a certain self-control and a total acceptance of his inner self..


This special day is ideal for meditation because: the cosmic energies offered by this day will help us deal with ourselves, our greatnessand our deepest « me ». Let’s go to a place where we feel good, a peaceful place, and let us be guided by the strong energies at our disposal on this day. Let’s go deep within ourselves and bring Light into the darkest recesses of our reflection. Let’s raise our vibratory frequency as high as possible and harmonize our thoughts with the new and better vision of ourselves.

The Moon of the Challenge

Tonight, the Moon will represent the challenge, the challenge, the duality. The two reflections of ourselves (front and back) will be confronted to each other. It will be time to find our inner balance, our balance. Let’s get in the middle of everything that we have gone through good, bad, our impulsive or thoughtful reactions, our reactions to cold or hot, choice between left and right, etc …

It’s about re-centering, then rising to the top. Let’s draw our attention to past and future experiences, accept the challenge of becoming better.



But let us remember that the thoughts that we try to control, not to face or to resist will persist in our minds. This will considerably disturb and slow our evolution, or even create blockages.

The day of the White Lunar Mirror is special, strong and heavy in energy. If we indulge in this special meditation on ourselves, we will have to be guided from beginning to end. This experience will be far from easy but essential for those who feel the need to (re) connect to themselves , to be honest with themselves, to take stock and to get up.

Let’s be in harmony with nature and with its energies that it gives us and face the challenges put on our way. Let us evolve, synchronize with Nature and above all: with our own nature.

To become better it is necessary to accept oneself, all of ourselves: to accept our good actions / thoughts as well as our bad ones. Then, it is essential to free yourself and to allow yourself happiness.


Very good White Lunar Mirror to each and all!


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