bougie flamme ciromancie

There are hundreds of divination arts, if not thousands …
Let’s look at the divination by the wax drops of a candle: Ciromancy.

Introduction: Ciromancy.

Yes, the candles we light up bring us more than just a glimmer. They carry great information and tend to have as much meaning as possible. This divination art is very little known and its origins are uncertain. It is very little used and yet, its main method is simple and original. It’s ideal if you want to get out of the ordinary and dare a more ‘underground’ practice! Go for ciromancy and who knows, maybe this method of divination will be an unexpected revelation for you …


  • The first method of this divinatory art is:

Bring yourself:
* A candle.
* A receptacle big enough.
* Cold water.
* Of a lighter.

* Fill your receptacle with cold water.
* Take a candle and light it.
* Concentrate heavily then on a particular issue.
* When your question is well formulated, repeat it several times.
* Then pour hot wax into cold water.
* You can now interpret the symbols obtained, like encromancy, or the cafedomancie.

Know that in addition to interpreting the symbols that form the drops of wax in the water, it is possible to interpret the flame of a candle .
See how in the following articles: interpret the flame of a candle.


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