Interpret the flame of a candle


This is probably after reading the article on ciromancy that you happened to be here?

The divinatory arts are numerous and all more interesting than the others. Let’s see how to develop our gifts of seers using the flame of a candle


It is possible to obtain information in the flame of a candle . For this, it is necessary to know how to interpret the flame and its various movements.
Of course, and as with each of the divinatory arts, you can assign a meaning to a movement yourself. It requires concentration, assurance and certainty. Listen to your instinct and open your Third Eye : they will guide you on the path of interpretation.

What’s the point?

The interpretation of the flame of a candle, for me, can be likened to capnomancy or pendulum . This art can be used to read the future, develop the ‘flashes’ that the seers have, or can be used to confirm or not a feeling. You can ask the flame of your candle to send you flashs about a particular situation, but also confirmation on one of your feelings. You can ask questions about a person, if they are not personal or intimate: this is respectful if the person in question does not allow you . Instead, if you are a healer, ask if your help is needed or if you can influence the health of someone in particular, positive .
It is unworthy, bad and strongly discouraged to use the candle for destructive and nasty purposes.
Think about your karma . Meditate. Take a step back. Free yourself from the negative. Forgive.


How to put yourself in good condition to begin the interpretation of the signs of the flame?
* Sit in a quiet room .
* It is not necessary to plunge into the dark light of a single candle: you can leave the light on provided of course to clearly distinguish the flame .
* Make sure there are no drafts that can interfere with your tracks. The movements of the flame would be distorted and their interpretation also. Also be careful not to blow directly on your candle while breathing. Your breath must not influence the flame.

Bougie dans la nuit

Main movements and interpretations of signs.

* Your candle does not turn on, or has trouble lighting up.

Your job is not meant to work, or will work badly.

* The flame is dancing.

You are surrounded by positive energies, or positive entities.
In the event that you focus on someone: (for example, if you were thinking about healing someone and want to know if you can influence their health so that it becomes better) the dancing flame confirms the possibility of your positive influence on the health status of that person. You can affect it positively.

* The flame goes up and down quickly and several times in a row.

This may mean that your energy changes vibratory frequency.
The person you are working on can also feel your action.

* The flame is very high (abnormally high).

You are surrounded by energies, guides or positive entities.

* The candle sizzles or hisses.

The entities or guides you have used or with whom you want to communicate give you a sign.
If the candle was only lit in order to know if you were protected enough, know that bad tongues are raging against you right now.

* Your candle smokes a lot. The smoke is very black.

You have hidden enemies. Someone may want to harm you. Beware.

* The flame of your candle leans to one side for several seconds or even minutes.

Make sure, as stated at the beginning, that it is not your breath that could influence the direction of the candle. If you see that indeed the candle leans in a specific direction for several seconds, it may mean that an entity or guide is present very close to the candle.



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