Africa, cradle of Humanity, is also the cradle of many spiritual practices and divinatory arts including the Tshivenda.

The origins of Tshivenda
Originally, the Tshivenda was a traditional healing technique from the territory of Modjadji, the queen of rain. This territory is on the border of Zimbabwe and South Africa. African tribes used this oracle to diagnose physical and psychological ailments and to heal them at best.

How to interrogate the Tshivenda

In order to interrogate the Tshivenda, one must throw the five stones that make up the oracle on the ground by asking the question for which we wish to have the answer. On each stone is engraved a figure, it is necessary to know to interpret in order to know the answer to our question.

The interpretation of Tshivenda

The interpretation of Tshivenda is done in two phases.

* The first is to determine and interpret the number of fallen stones on the front.

When a single stone falls on its face, the Tshivenda announces the beginning of an action, an initiation, and / or a warning, and any disturbances.
When two stones fall on the other side, the oracle indicates a duality. He recommends paying particular attention to our relationships with others.
When three stones fall on the side, the Tshivenda asks us to weigh the pros and cons of the situation before we start.
When four stones fall on the side, this indicates that we must learn to make a cross on the past.
When five stones fall on the other side, the Tshivenda announces fulfillment. We will soon have the keys to success in hand. But beware ! It is very important to be able to face the reality and not to hide one’s face.
* The second step is to interpret the visible figures of the stones.

Griot: it’s the messenger. It indicates speech, occult forces, new discoveries.
Jambar: This is the warrior. It indicates a challenge to overcome in order to reach the power and fulfillment of our ambitions.
Mashona: This is the Patriarch. It symbolizes impartiality, the rejection of murders, the just reward.
Oduboa: it’s the goddess-mother. This figure symbolizes and recommends patience and finesse of analysis.
Signare: it’s the girl. This figure indicates innocence, new exchanges, curiosity and discovery.


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