In addition to being beautiful, these little shells called ‘cowries’ are magical! Indeed, if you question them, they will reveal to you all that you need to know to live happy …

Divination with cowries

This form of divination is one of the oldest clairvoyance techniques. It was practiced first in Africa, India and South America. It marks the spirits, because the results obtained are rich in precision and detail. We can, as an oracle, consult the cowries and question them on all aspects of our lives. Love, friendship, health, work and money: cowrie shells will gladly answer all our questions. They will reveal to us the days favorable or not to our projects, the pitfalls that we will have to avoid and will give us the solutions to our problems. As long as you know how to do it …

How is the draw with cowries ?

The cowries are composed of two faces: one whose face is curved, and the other split.
The first face, which is also called the closed face, represents the masculine.
The second face, which is also called the open face, represents the feminine (memo: the open face represents a slot similar to the sex of the woman).

Thus, to try the divination by the cowries, it is necessary to bring shells having these two characteristics. If we do not have one, we can replace them with coffee beans, which also have a closed and open face.


Now that you have cowries (or coffee beans), go to the draw!

The consultant must have, at the time of the draw, the cowries in his hands. He must take the time to manipulate them, to observe them, to mix them up, in short, to become familiar with them.
Then he has to express his request very clearly. Then he has to take the shells with one hand (some prefer that the consultant take them with the right hand, but I always advise the left hand, because the left side is associated with the divination and the third eye. to feel what is best because everyone is different!). The consultant is invited to blow on the cowries and throw them away (with respect and gentleness, please!) On a circular device on the floor or on a table.

I will say that the number of cowries required depends on you. To make clairvoyance is also and above all to work one’s instinct and one’s third eye. It’s up to you to feel how much shellfish you need for a particular request, for this or that person. In some traditions, the draw may require up to one hundred shells. In other methods, only one tenth is required.

Important: At first, when you’re familiar with cowries and their magic, ask your consultants to ask closed questions (yes or no). The interpretation of cowries will be easier.
Here’s how it works:
Take an odd number of cowries.
Invite your consultant to throw the cowries as explained above.
Once the cowries are on the ground, count the number of sides on the closed face, then on the open face.
* If there are more cowries on the open side, the answer will be positive.
* If there are more cowrie shells falling on the closed side, the answer will be negative.
You can also do the opposite, ie:
* If there are more cowries on the closed side, the answer will be positive.
* If there are more cowries on the open side, the answer will be negative.
As I said, it’s up to you to smell the cowries. Follow your instinct and your own rules. The only important thing to remember is that you have to choose which side will represent the positive or the negative before launching, otherwise you may be tempted to « choose » the response from your consultant, while your role is translate what cowries will tell you.

When you are more familiar with the cowries, you will feel them deep inside you, you will begin to interpret the shape they take when they are thrown, their positions on the circular device, and so on.

Good divination session!



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