Tea leaves


And if we took the time for a little tea… And a divination session? Yes, in addition to its many therapeutic virtues, tea leaves are also a magical medium for reading the future… Let’s take tea leaves in an atmosphere of relaxation and sharing and explore our future with joy and curiosity…

Tea leaves, flavor and more

What do you think of when you say « tea leaves« ? * Flavor. * Antioxidant property. And … Divinatory support ?
We owe the Eastern regions the delicious tea leaves. The first people to discover the qualities of tea are the Chinese people. They first used tea leaves to improve their well-being and above all, for their incomparable taste.

But little by little, they discover that these leaves were… Mystic. The tea leaves then joined the biggest divination supports more than 2000 years ago.
Reading the future through tea leaves is an art that has traveled all Chinese generations. At the time, we were talking about Tasseography.

When clairvoyance mixes with tea leaves

Tea leaf residues drew many symbols on the outer and inner surfaces of the tea cups. So, the Chinese people started to associate these symbols with omens. The divination by the tea leaves was born.

How does a clairvoyance session with tea leaves take place?

A good session of consultation by the tea leaves requires the use of a real tea of ​​Chinese origin (or Indian).
Once this precious tea is in your hands, make sure you have a decent teapot, a white saucer and a white cup.

That’s it, your precious tools are together. To you the keys of time!
The consultant should drink his tea taking care to leave a small residue in the bottom of his cup. The handle of the cup should be held in his left hand (side associated with divination).
When only the small residue remains at the bottom of the cup, the consultant is prompted to stir the contents three times in the opposite direction of the clockwise.
Then, with a single gesture, he will have to return his cup on the saucer, so that the rest of tea is scattered in the saucer. The cup, once spilled, can be removed from the saucer.

Now relax and wait for the leaves to dry… Once dry, to your interpretations!


The interpretation of tea leaves

How to interpret tea leaves?

Consider the location of the figures formed by the leaves and stems in the saucer and cup. For example, those at the bottom of the cup are ominous. They represent bad luck and disappointment.
Those located at the edge of the cup are instead representative of luck. Figures in the center of the cup and / or saucer are usually associated with balance.

It is quite possible to request tea leaves to date events (past or future). After all, does not divination lend us the keys of time?
To do so, be aware that the distance between tea leaves and the handle is the measuring instrument. The more distance between the leaves and the handle, the more events will be far in time.

Each symbol has a very particular interpretation. You can therefore refer to the best-known interpretations of symbols in tea leaves, or create them yourself.

To find out how, go to the following article: how to interpret tarot cards yourself because the method will be the same.

Good day to all and good session of divination !

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