Geomancy, one of the oldest divinatory arts practiced since time immemorial, continues to amaze the excellence of its predictions. This art has evolved a lot but its original spirit remains intact. It will continue to surprise you… Its binary principle would be the same as that which gave birth to the development of computer sciences. You can then imagine the accuracy that accompanies the revelations made by this practice. And then, don’t we say that the earth, the support of this practice, never lies?

Origins of Geomancy

The remains of geomancy were discovered by archaeologists during excavations in Egyptian Earth. The practice of this art is attributed to people living in the desert such as the Egyptians and nomadic tribes. Its support was the land, that is to say, « geo », hence the term geomancy: divination by land. In these times, it must be understood that the paper was not yet discovered. As for papyrus, it was so precious that it was reserved for important documents. It was the same for animal skins, too prized to receive daily marks.

Conduct of the consultation

The one who wants to discover reality in relation to a situation, focused on his concern by using a stick or a finger to make marks in the sand. Geomancy is for the earth what is astrology for the stars. As anyone is connected to the earth, geomancy can easily reveal the power of this connection with the forces of the planet. It works on the principle of all or nothing.

Little by little, the paper replaced the earth. Several points are entered by the consultant using a pen. Lines must be drawn as well, sixteen in total. (The points as for them are not limited). When the lines and points are made, the consultant makes the total points per line. The sum found will be an even or odd number.

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