The pendulum


The pendulum is a particular piece used in certain fields such as: physics, watchmaking, mountaineering, but also in dowsing, in geobiology or in divination. With this small instrument, we can easily question our future and our inner self. The pendulum is also used in cases of search for lost items or lost persons.

Buy a pendulum or make one?

A pendulum is a small mass suspended from a thread or a chain, able to oscillate around a point or a fixed axis. We can buy one or make one ourselves: we can then use it during divination sessions.
To make one, just take a wire about 30 cm and hang a small mass, for example a ring, or a conical object, pointing down. Preferably, opt for an object that is familiar to you.
If we buy it, it is very important to try several to find the model that interacts best with ourselves and gives us accurate answers.

How the pendulum works

There are several possible uses for the pendulum. However, in any case, question (whose answers may be yes / no / maybe / do not know) must be asked so that the pendulum gives you the answer. He can move in different ways:
– It turns in a circle, in a clockwise direction
– It rotates in a circle in the opposite direction of clockwise
– It swings successively backwards and forwards
– It swings successively from left to right
Each of these movements can be « yes, » « no, » « I do not know, » or « maybe. »


How to use a pendulum?

Before each use of the pendulum, be sure to be calm, relaxed, zen. Bathe in a serene atmosphere.

Then, ask him:
– He wants to tell you the truth today.
– You are connected to the source.
Then, ask him to:
– Give you a no.
– Give you a yes.
– Give you a maybe.
– Give you an I do not know.

So, you’ll know how to interpret the answers your clock will give you!
You can start with some easy questions, whose answer you know to see if you correctly interpret the pendulum’s answers. For example, go to your sister and ask the pendulum: ‘Is this my sister?’
When the correct answers of the pendulum are systematic, ask someone to ask you a question for which he knows the answer. Then ask the answer to your clock. If the answer is good, you are very well acquainted with your clock!

Some examples of pendulums

There are pendulums of all kinds. They vary according to their colors, materials and shapes. Some are more suitable than others for this or that type of work. It’s up to you to feel them!

It exists :

– The drop of water pendulum
– The triangle pendulum
– The real Pendulum of the Builders
– The Enel pendulum
– The Sephoroton pendulum
– The long-pointed Discry pendulum
– The wood and brass pendulum
– The Sekhmet pendulum
– The Mimosa pendulum
– The sensor pendulum
– Etc…


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