Hebrew Letters

22 Hebrew letters make up one of the most mystical alphabets. Indeed: much more than a simple alphabet, it is used in many magic rituals, and is an essential element when making pentacles.

The symbolic character of Hebrew letters

Just like numbers in Numerology, each of the Hebrew letters has its own vibration, a bit like a musical note. Each letter is endowed with a unique and unique power and energy, and is associated with one of the 22 levels of human consciousness. Through these letters, we can communicate with the universe, with our life, with our destiny.

La consultation des vingt-deux lettres hébraïques

How do you consult the Hebrew letters?

For this, it is necessary to have a tray. Then just ask your question to the oracle and proceed by lottery. (Draw some letters of the Hebrew alphabet).
* The first letter drawn informs us of our strengths as well as the positive aspects of our concern.
* The second letter reflects our weaknesses and represents the different obstacles we will face.
* The third Hebrew letter drawn gives us the definitive answer to our question.

The meaning of the different Hebrew letters comes from Kabbalah. Here are some examples:

The letter Aleph refers to the King or Queen, but also number 1. She also represents the Beef. Aleph refers to the beginning, to unity, to consciousness, to the Father.
The letter Beth refers to the Eternal House and number 2. She also represents the house. Beth refers to refuge, return, Blessing, Creation, and the Arcana of Time.
The letter Gimel refers to the Shepherd and number 3. It symbolizes the camel and the models, the universal mold, the Divine Grace.
The letter Daleth refers to the Great Gate and number 4. It symbolizes the door and the notions of decisive passage, the guardian, the stripping, the material, but also the access to the conscience.
The letter He refers to the Breath of Life and number 5. It represents the window and uses the notions of praise, Divine Breath, Creation and meeting.
The letter Vav refers to the Divine Mediator and number 6. Vav symbolizes the hook and uses the concepts of pillar, spine, link and balance.
The Zayin Letter represents Thanksgiving and is symbolized by the Sword. It also symbolizes the number 7 and the notions of the Power of the Spirit, self-help, purification and atavism.
The letter Het, or the Motivation Lever. Het symbolizes the number 8. It represents the Barrier, the test, the stake, the limit, the Will, the Life Force.
Letter Teth, is the Power of Depths. Teth represents the number 9 as well as the defending Shield, and the Serpent. It also symbolizes the Grail; the revelation of the unconscious and the sexual energy.
Letter Yod, is the Hand of God. Yod represents the number 10 as well as the hand, the Divine Blood, the Fertilization, the seed, the tree, and the hand that transmits.


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