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How to purify your tarot deck?

I advise you to read this article after reading: How to choose your tarot game?

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In this article, we will learn how to purify your tarot game .

First, why purify your tarot deck?

It is necessary to purify your tarot game because by using it, we share our energies . These can be negative or positive, whatever. They are a mixture of several energies corresponding to the feelings faced by different consultants. In addition, if your way of drawing the cards implies that your consultant touches the cards as well , his energies are also mixed with yours and remain stuck to your deck of cards .
To guarantee a good interpretation and a good print without being blurred by stagnant old energies , I strongly advise you to purify it after each consultant, or after each big draw.

How to purify your tarot cards?

* Get the protective incense. (There is a big list, you choose the one that you like the most to smell.)
* Spend your tarot deck under the incense as much as you think is necessary. For a small print, it can take about 30 seconds recto-verso.
* For a big draw , skip the entire game about ten seconds double-sided over incense, then
* Pass your cards one by one , double-sided under the incense .
* You can recharge the ‘batteries’ of your game by placing it one evening at Full Moon Light , under your window.

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