Presentation of lithotherapy

Many stones are used to cure physical and mental ailments. They can also allow us to relax, accompany us to meditate and protect our habitat. Stones have a real healing power. Lithotherapy is a method of healing with precious stones. Using lithotherapy allows us to recover our health and well-being through the virtues of stones.

Origins of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy literally means « stone cure« . It consists of the Greek words « lithos » meaning ‘stone‘ and ‘therapeia‘ meaning ‘care‘. This technique can cure certain diseases by benefiting from the powers of precious stones as well as crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, etc. Each stone has a vibration of its own. Once in contact with the human body, the stone can do miracles. They are able to promote the well-being of a person, heal, open the chakras, etc … Their power is based on their crystalline structure, composition and color. These elements give them special virtues to help the body find its balance.
The origin of this technique is not precise.
Certain peoples, precisely those coming from ancient India, found in the fine stones of great therapeutic virtues. It’s the same for Nippons (where stones were used to massage the body), Mongolian and Tibetan people which reduced powdered stones to create elixirs to cure diseases) as well as Chinese peoples.

How is lithotherapy practiced?

There are many methods in Lithotherapy. For example, the mixture of stone powders and other natural ingredients, one gets a very effective remedy. We can also hang stones on a wire and hang them in its habitat, or make jewels on which will be hung stones.

The practice of lithotherapy can give you a lot of good.
Provided you use the right stones!

What are the stones that match you?
What stones do you need?

What are the therapeutic virtues of your favorite stones?
Find out by doing the test!


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