To know the trends of your future, trust the flames… Pyromancy is a divinatory practice little known and very little used today. Formerly, it gathered the elders near the fire and the shamans delivered their omens … The fire allowed them to answer the concerns of their congeners. They interpreted the shapes of the flames, their colors and their oscillations. Today, the candle has taken the place of fiery fire. Thus, we no longer need to gather around a campfire to see the future: we can prefer a candle quietly at our home.

The history of pyromancy

Historians and masters of clairvoyance trace the origins of pyromancy to the era of tribal peoples. They used this divinatory art during their meetings in the caves. The Pyromancy can be located relatively to thousands of years before Christ. This is why the divinatory art of pyromancy is considered one of the oldest.

Meaning of the colors of the candles

The big campfire, the main element of pyromancy, is today concentrated in the flame of a candle. Thus, the practice is less dangerous and more accessible. However, it requires just as much perseverance.
Modern use uses colored candles. Thus, the color of the candle depends on the consultant’s concern. The white candle is ideal for repelling enemy attacks and eliminating negativity.
The red candle is ideal for increasing the chance in your life.
The blue candle is perfect for seeking healing and accompaniment of spiritual development.
The green candle is associated with the desire for prosperity.
The yellow / gold candle is associated with the intellect.

The practice of pyromancy

Practicing pyromancy is very delicate. It requires a lot of perseverance and concentration. It is advisable to use a candle, the use of a large campfire is dangerous and in some places illegal.
The candle should be placed in front of you on a candle holder, or a suitable base. Your mind must be clear and open: you must let in the messages that the flame sends you.

Interpretation of flames

The clarity of two flames combined into a single beam suggests a good perspective in the consultant’s situation.
Two separate beams or a flame that has difficulty growing up bode well for a future unattractive.
Two flames that go out are not a good omen.

For other interpretations, go to the following article: How to interpret the flame of a candle.


This practice is very dangerous and requires calmness and a great capacity of concentration on the part of the practitioner. Do not practice in the presence of a child or others who may be injured by the candle flame. Do not leave a burning candle in an unattended room. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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