Did you know that your moles say a lot about your future? Astonishing, no? But true! True divination supports, moles are the happiness of practitioners of Metoposcopy. Uncover your most secret moles and explore your personality and future in an original and sensual way.

What is metoposcopy?

Moles are not there by luck! And in addition, they have lot of things to say about our future. Following the logic of chiromancy, what better than the body of the consultant himself to read his destiny? The metoposcopy highlights the relationship between the stars of the sky and the moles sown on our body. For us to discover the secrets of our moles and what they represent, we can use a mapping of the human body that will explain the meaning of moles strewn here and there. Charming, no?

Telescope Under the Stars

Metoposcopy on the woman’s body


Some examples from the mapping of the human body:

A mole on a woman’s right shoulder reveals a strong character and confidence.
On the left shoulder, it evokes a strong sensitivity and a certain emotional need.

A mole on the left breast indicates a great need for love coupled with a desire for tenderness.
On the right breast, it represents sensuality, but also laziness.
In the middle of the chest, the mole represents the pleasant naturalness of a woman.

On the left hand, the mole reflects a skillful and gifted character.
On the right hand, it represents a woman who adapts easily to any situation.

A woman with a left knee decorated with a mole has a high awareness.
A mole on the right knee represents modesty and attention.

The metoposcopy on the human body


Some examples from the mapping of the human body:

Moles on the left temple of a man evoke a search for grandeur.
On the right temple, they represent a personality indifferent to everything.

Above the left eye, the mole reflects a little concentrated personality.
When it is above the right eye, it means that the concentration is better and indicates an organized personality.

At the eyebrow level, the mole is the man’s understanding, and his ability to succeed in all areas.

A mole on the tip of the nose represents sensuality but also the tendency to manipulation.

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