Hand mounts

chiromancie monts de la main

The mounts, in palmistry, are the small bumps present in the palms of the hands. These are used to predict the future. They allow to know the psychological characteristics of the consultant.

They are seven.

Each bears the name of a planet, and each have a value.

Moreover, in astrology, the planets influence our destiny. See attached article: introduction to astrology.

The Venus Mount represents the strength of love, sensuality, friendship, the reservoir of life.

The March Mount represents courage, strength of the soul, physical resistance.

The Jupiter Mountr represents ambition, natural authority and business acumen.

The Saturn Mount represents destiny, luck, and sense of responsibility.

The Sun Mount or Apollon Mount represents the artistic sense.

The Mercury Mount represents the capacities of reflection, communication and action.

The Moon Mount represents the capacity for vision and imagination.

The Neptune Mount represents the link or the obstacle between the parts of consciousness and the unconscious.

See the diagram below:


See also: Introduction to Palmistry, the lines of the hand.

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