Buddhist Mantras


Buddhist Mantras.

SO HUM. – I am –
OM BHAVAM NAMAH. – I am absolute existence. I am the field of infinite possibilities –
YUM YUM YUM. – YUM sound awakens the heart chakra –
AHAM BRAHMASMI. – The heart of my being is the ultimate reality, the story and the earth of the universe, the source of all existence –
OM KRIYAM NAMAH. – My actions are in alignment with the cosmic law –
OM OM OM. – Om is the universal mantra. Repeating the Om honors our connection with the universe –
OM VARDHANAM NAMAH. – I feed the universe and the universe feeds me –
OM VARUNAM NAMAH. – My life is in harmony with the cosmic law –
SHAM SHAM SHAM. – Repeating Sham awakens the 3rd eye chakra –
OM ANANDHAM NAMAH. – My actions are entirely detached from the result –
SAT CHIT ANANDA. – In unity, I experience the state of truth, purity and bliss –
LAM LAM LAM. – The Lam sound opens the root chakra and makes you feel anchored –
OM RITAM NAMAH. – My actions and intentions are supported by cosmic intelligence –
TAT TVAM ASI. -I see the other in me and I see myself in others –
RAM RAM RAM. – All I desire is in me –
OM DAKSHAM NAMAH. – My actions get maximum benefit for minimal effort –


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