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Cats and superstitions

Cats superstitions

For centuries, the cat was considered an animal was part of a world apart, inaccessible to humans. This world was that of fairies, elves, gnomes and goblins, which the Anglo-Saxons call the ‘little people’.

superstitions on cats

The cat is also involved in many customs.

There is a custom that the punishment for an adulterous woman in Turkey was to slip a cat into her panties.

The legend of Jacob (third son of Adam and Eve) tells that the cat is able to cross the gates of Eden. He is between God and the Devil, half outside, half inside. In order to console the child of the couple repudiated by God, the cat can enter the terrestrial Paradise with the toddler.

This secret was passed on to his descendants. There would still be a cat on earth who would know the way to paradise…

beliefs on cats

The cat would also have the gift of coming into contact with the dead, or detecting the traces of a deceased in certain places. 

Black cat superstition

This is why it is called a ghost cat. According to numerous accounts, after the death of the house cat, an identical animal appears by ‘magic’ and wishes to enter the house.

The cat, like the owl, was the target of all kinds of beliefs linked to esotericism since the Middle Ages. At that time, the night represented the unknown. It was claimed that cats and owls had the ability to see at night (except, only the owl has this ability). This is perhaps the origin of their association with the supernatural.

Supernatural or darling, cats remain special beings that we take pleasure in cuddling.

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