Superstitions and beliefs

The bad luck

The bad luck

Bad luck is linked to the curse, the mischief, misfortune, bad spells. We were unlucky because we had been cast a harmful spell to harm us..

  • In the past, we spoke of guigne *, of guignon, as in the novel by Tristan et Yseult.

* What does ‘guigner’ mean?
It means looking aside with envy and lust (evil eye).

  • Bad luck was also represented by a series of unfavorable blows. To ward off the fate of bad luck, they wear a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a pair of cherries, etc… (See the article: lucky charm).

In psychoanalysis…
Some patients undertaking psychoanalysis or other therapy believe that they are cursed. In order to stop this belief, it is necessary to make them understand that as long as they believe in it, they act accordingly. It’s self-predictive..

It is necessary to realize the power of the mind, the strength of ideas and the responsibility of one’s beliefs. Do you think you are unlucky? You become it. The opposite is more difficult since entropy governs the universe.

bad luck

What is entropy?

You can easily decide to smoke, but find it difficult to quit.
You can easily decide to drink, but hard to stop drinking.
This is the entropy or the degradation of energy.

So how do you get lucky?
Read the following article: How to get lucky?


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