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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th lucky day

Did you know ? Friday the 13th phobia is called Paraskevidékatriaphobia.

Friday the 13th is known for bringing bad luck

But for sure, Friday the 13th attracts luck! So is Friday the 13th bringing good luck?
Take a look, for example, at the crowd of superstitious gamblers attracted by big money games on Friday the 13th. Besides, will you try your luck today?

Friday the 13th: a day of happiness.

* It was on 13 of the month, exactly from May 13 to October 13, 1917 that the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherds. It was in the village of Fatima in Portugal.
* Pope Jean-Paul II, who was seriously wounded by a bullet (St. Peter’s Square in Rome) on May 13, 1981, attributed his survival to the intervention of Mary during the liturgical feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

Friday 13 lucky


* In the tarot of Marseille, the 13th card is death. It can also symbolize the end of a painful period, the death of our bad manners.

And then, remember: the power of thoughts is immense. So think intensely about the fact that Friday the 13th everything will smile to you, and it will be a wonderful day. See the article: the power of thoughts.

Friday the 13th around the world…

* In Spain, in Latin American countries and in Greece…
Friday the 13th is not feared, but Tuesday 13 is cold in the back. Indeed: Tuesday, associated with Mars, recalls the God of war. He is therefore the bearer of the symbol of destruction and violence.

* In Italy
The number 17 frightens and brings bad luck. XVII in Roman numerals is the anagram of VIXI, vixi meaning ‘I lived’, and therefore by extension, ‘I am dead’.

* In Asia
The number 4 is horrifying! The 4, pronounced ‘shi‘, as the word meaning ‘dead‘. However, the number 13 for Chinese is associated with the symbol of life.

And for you then, this Friday the 13th, brings bad luck or good luck?

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