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The Star – Tarot of Marseille


The star is the seventeenth major arcana of the Marseille tarot.

Symbols of the Star

The star represents : the feminine, the light, the nature, the purity, the maternity, to the goddess Anâhitâ, to Matrimah, to 17, to Venus.

L’Etoile is represented on the tarot of Marseille card by a young woman with a sweet and very pretty face. It represents femininity, beauty and calm. Being kneeling, she refers to the posture of the medieval knight during his investiture. She receives a task and a new status « from above ».

The contents of the amphoras poured into the stream symbolize putrid water reviving.

The big star, overlooking the stage, is Lucifer. He represents the Light guiding the lost Man in the desert of matter.

The seven stars refer to the Big Dipper, and / or the Pleiades. They form a crown around Lucifer. So, with Lucifer, we can consider that there are eight stars. Eight is the symbol of the infinite, of Justice, of order …

Time, Locations and duration of the forecast

The star is in the middle of spring and early fall and at the end of winter. It is associated with Friday, and with the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius.
It represents theaters, workshops, art galleries, fashion shows, beauty institutes, gardens and fields …

The duration of the forecast is one to three months.



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