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What’s better than starting your day in peace, and with a smile to your ears?
Know that the oracle of daily life is a good way to start your day with his gauge of happiness full to the maximum !

What is the oracle of everyday life

From the moment we draw a map of the oracle of everyday life, we feel that the good mood in the game is contagious! Her pretty cards are illustrated in the «  toddlers  » fashion: each of them is like a work done by happy and creative children.
These drawings inspire us with joy and evoke the simplicity that we all need.

Thanks to the Oracle of everyday life, we discover the main stages of our day, whatever the aspect (work, love, family, money) in simplicity and relaxation.

Online draw

Use the Oracle of Daily Online? Nothing’s easier ! It is very easy to use.
The application I shared will ask you to draw three cards of the tarot: once interpreted, they will give you the predictions of your day.

The first card is love .
The second card is work .
The third card is finance .

You will not even need to interpret them yourself: the application takes care of everything! Once your cards are drawn, they will be interpreted by the app and the course of your day will have no secrets for you.

In my opinion, it’s a fun and original way to start your day. This differs from traditional mornings accompanied by the inexhaustible horoscope, right?

See you soon !


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