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Temperance – Tarot of Marseille


Temperance is the 14th major arcane of the Tarot of Marseille.

Symbols of Temperance

Temperance represents universal life, the 14th, the Hebrew letter nun, Ganymede, the perfect balance between the solar and the lunar, the masculine and the feminine.

The dominant colors of the map are red and blue, representing the action and the spirit.
Temperance is represented by an angel who transfers the vital fluid from one urn to another. This fluid is a regenerative liquid. It represents intuition, mind, reason, sensitivity, raw material.

A star adorns the forehead of the angel and is associated with the spirit of the Sun.
The pitcher is the maternal symbol of birth and nutrition. It is associated with the figure of Ganymede, the water pourer corresponding to the sign of the zodiac: the Aquarius.

The Temperance card indicates the inner metamorphosis. It is a sign of regeneration and healing.

The time, place, and duration of the forecast

Temperance is winter, February, the day of the week Saturday and the astrological signs: Virgin and Aquarius.
Cinemas, radio and TV stations, airports and space bases are represented by Temperance.

Temperance presages facts that last from one to three months, up to one year maximum.



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