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Hello everyone !

Let’s see today a simple and fast method of the divinatory tarot. This method can be performed with any divination tarot, even with any card game, (provided there is a place and a back for each card: it’s primorial!).


This method is quick and easy, yes, but what is it for?

It is to use when you want to answer a question quickly by yes or no.
I recommend it to cartomancer apprentices: in addition to being quick and easy to understand , it allows you to become familiar with his divinatory tarot game and get immediate results .
I used it many times when I learned the tarot, and I was always satisfied with the results. This does not allow us to have a detailed answer, certainly, but the joviality that procures this procedure fills us greatly!

You have to …

In order for your tarot to give you a quick answer (for a closed question only) , you need:

A card game (a divinatory tarot card game or a game of playing cards, the important thing is that it is the tarot that you only use for clairvoyance) which contains – imperatively! – cards with a place and a back.
Your concentration.
Your third eye well open.
Your love tarot!


* Take all your major arcana (if you have a Marseille tarot game for example) or all your cards (if your game is a 52 card game for example) ,
* Extract seven cards from the game,
* Place them next to each other, face down,
* Flip the cards from right to left and not from top to bottom. This would skew the result as it would reverse the « poles » of the cards.


Once the cards are returned, count the number of cards issued at the place, and the number of cards rolled upside down.
If more than four cards are coming out , the answer is yes.
If more than four cards come upside down , the answer is no.

Remember that your question must be a closed question (by which you can only answer yes or no, otherwise the answer may be difficult to interpret!

See you soon,



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