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Feng Shui

According to philosophical and esoteric Chinese thinking, the art of layout helps us to feel good about ourselves, allows us to be in harmony with our environment and motivates us to develop ourselves personally.

Origins of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a very ancient Chinese discipline whose objective is to promote the optimal circulation of energy of an individual by the development of his living space. It is also a technique to fight against stress and improve the quality of life of the occupants of the developed space. Feng Shui can be practiced everywhere. At home, at home, or at the office. The results exceed all expectations.
This art is rooted in a traditional Chinese belief that the good health and prosperity of a family or community is fostered only by certain elements whose presence in one place aims to harmonize energy. environmental. These elements include water and wind.
Thus 4500 years BC. J.-C., the Chinese built their homes only according to the presence of water and wind. These two elements of nature were supposed to achieve balance of forces and to promote the circulation of energies and positive waves.Feng Shui has become, along with the Yin King, a codified art popular with the Chinese people. Feng Shui is the Science of reference to erect most major Chinese cities, to install the business for example, to ensure business prosperity . It has also made it possible to organize the burial places (called the arrangement of the inner sky). Since then, Feng Shui has evolved in time and space.


How Feng Shui can change your life

Feng Shui works according to the principle of complementary duality: Yin and Yang. These two opposing principles coexist both in nature and in man, and are therefore the source of all things. It is therefore necessary to live in symbiosis with the energy that surrounds you and the one who lives in you.
To do so, you can arrange your home according to the rules of Feng Shui to enjoy the peace and positive vibrations it abounds. However, be aware that the rules are extremely complex and it is highly recommended to have recourse to a specialist. However, you can start by organizing your environment.

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