The Tibetan Oracle

The Mô or the Tibetan oracle is a divination technique peculiar to the Tibetan people. It is used to predict the future and understand some phenomena related to life. The accuracy of the answers it provides, as well as the ease of consultation are impressive. It is a popular divination technique of the Tibetan people.

What is the Tibetan Oracle?

The Tibetan Oracle is a divinatory practice widely used by the Tibetan people. He questions the past, the present and the future. It aims to advise and guide those consultants. Thanks to the predictions of the Tibetan oracle, the consultants better manage their lives and know what behaviors they have to face such and such delicate existential situations. The oracle has the reputation of giving wisdom to those who consult it frequently. It would also make life happier for regular consultants. It is a divinatory technique that is very effective and surprisingly precise. He will bring you the answers to the questions that concern you the most.


How to use the Tibetan oracle?

The Tibetan oracle is a technique that works on the basis of a random draw of two of the six syllables making up the Mantra Manjusri . This is the AH RA PA STA NA DHIH. Each syllable has its own symbol and the association of two syllables forms an arcane . In total, 36 arcana make up the Tibetan oracle, and each one carries a precise message. For example :
AH represents space, the universe, nature.
PA represents peace, harmony, the return of order.
STA announces destruction, evil.
Before consulting this oracle, it is necessary to be in a state of deep meditation. The consultation is started by a die roll whose six faces each have a syllable. The consultant must think deeply about his concern in order to formulate it in a good way. The question must be clear and precise. Then the consultant must take the dice, recite the mantra seven times and then roll again. The action must repeat twice. The practitioner then proceeds to the interpretation of the results obtained . It is important to know that the consultant AND the practitioner must remain very concentrated, calm and inhabited by a spirit of peace and serenity.


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