The head line


The head line.

The leading line is between the thumb and forefinger, on the side of the hand, horizontally.

She represents mental abilities: learning faculties, the method, the faculties of communication, the thirst for knowledge, the intellect.

A curved line represents creative, spontaneous minds.

A line right represents Cartesian minds, structured, practical.

If your line is short, it represents your preference for physical accomplishments to intellectual achievements.

If your line is short and oblique, it represents your great creativity.

If she is separated from the line of life, she represents your adventurous spirit, your great enthusiasm for life.

If your line is wavy, this is your difficulty staying attentive or focused for a very long time.

If your line is long and deep, it means that your thinking is clear and determined.

If your line is right, this represents your realistic way of thinking.

If circles or crosses are present on your line, this represents one or more emotional attacks.

If the line is cut off, it represents inconsistencies in your thinking.

If your line has multiple crossovers , it represents the critical decisions that are going on or have been made.



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