The life line

Ligne de vie

The life line.

The life line starts near the thumb and forms a bow plunging to the wrist.

It represents physical health, well-being, and big changes in your life.

Attention : the length has nothing to do with the life of the person.

If it starts near the thumb, it represents your recurring fatigue.

If it’s curved, it means you’re full of energy.

If it’s long and deep, it means you’re full of vitality.

If it’s short and shallow, this is your tendency to be manipulated by others.

If it dives in a semicircle, that represents your great enthusiasm.

If it is straight and close to the edge of the palm, it represents your caution in your relationships with others.

If you have multiple lines of life, it means you have exceptional vitality.

If there is a circle on the line, this represents a hospitalization or major injury.

If your line is cut, it indicates a sudden change in your lifestyle.



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