The heart line


La ligne de coeur.

The heart line can be read in both directions.

Either the little finger to the index, or the index finger.

It represents emotional stability, romantic perspectives, love

But also heart health as an organ, as well as depression.

If your line starts under the index, it represents the satisfaction in your love life.

If it begins under middle finger, it represents selfishness in love.

If it start in the middle of your hand, it means that you fall in love easily.

If it’s short and very straight, that’s your lack of interest in dating.

If it touches your line of life , it means that you take very seriously your love relationships, whatever they are. You easily have a broken heart.

If it is curvy and long enough, it represents your ease in expressing your emotions and sharing your love.

If it’s right and parallel to your leading line, it means you know how to control your emotions.
If it is wavy , this represents your attraction to lovers / mistresses relationships. Your relationships are not serious.

If there is a circle on the line, it represents depression, sadness at some point in your life.

If the line is broken , or crossed by several small lines that cut it , it is an emotional trauma.



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