Ritual of luck

For you who are looking for luck, know that white magic offers you effective rituals to provoke it. To you lucky encounters, opportunities for fortunes, and happy outcomes. The principle is to make a specific vow during the session of the ritual. Your chances of opportunity can increase dramatically in all aspects of your life. Each ritual has the particularity of positively boosting an area of ​​your life.

The ginger ritual

The ginger ritual is best done on Thursday evenings in rising moon.
* Light a candle. By helping you with candle lighting, you write your request on a piece of paper. For example: « I wish to be lucky this week at work ».
* By focusing on the flame of your candle, recite several times and your written request aloud.
* Then fold the paper.
* Spread a square fabric in front of you. In the middle of the fabric, place the paper and cedar twigs.
* Take a chain of jewelry and pass it in a perforated coin.
* Place the chain and the piece on the cedar twigs.
* Sprinkle the inside of your fabric with ginger.
* Tie your fabric by its four corners using three ribbons.
* You now have some sort of little backpack.
* Let the candle burn completely.
* Wear the little bundle on you to bring you happiness.


Be careful not to leave the candle alone in a room, you must be near the candle to watch it. The risks of unintentional fires are great when you leave a burning candle at home unattended.
This luck ritual should be used to do good, not to wish others harm. If it is used to do evil, know that the spell will affect you.

The Three Dice of Chance Rite

Choose a night of descending moon.
* Take three candles: a gold candle, a green candle and a orange candle.
* Arrange them in a row.
* Burn incense with jasmine and place it next to the gold candle.
* Burn incense to the pink and place it next to the green candle.
* Burn incense with wood and place it next to the orange candle.


Place the dice against each candle, on the table, the numbered side 1 looks up.
Write your request on a parchment and repeat it five times aloud.
You turn the dice: their face numbered 6 must be turned to the sky.
Repeat your request 5 more times.
Pass your parchment over each flame without burning it. Arrange it at least 10 centimeters above the flames.


Be careful not to burn yourself or burn an accessory.
Keep your parchment near you until luck appears.

When luck has smiled on you, you can throw or bury the scrolls on which your requests were made.

The piece and the string used for the ginger ritual can be reused.


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