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How to interpret tarot cards yourself

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How to interpret tarot cards yourself?

Tarot Reading requires your ability to feel, interpret, analyze.

Your third eye chakra can actually be of great help, even if many cartomancers do not have this chakra quite ‘activated’ at the beginning.


Most importantly, it’s above all your ability to interpret card symbols that will help you be a good cartomancer!

• Generally, tarots like tarot of Marseilles consists of 22 major arcana (trumps) and 56 minor arcana.

The recurring cards of trumps are: The Magician or the Juggler, the Popess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Pope, the Lover, the Chariot, Justice, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, Strength, the Hanged Man, Unlabelled or Death, Temperance, the Devil, The Tower or The House of God, the Star, the Moon, the sun, the Judgement, the World or the Fool.

But trump cards are different in each tarot, by their images, their symbols, their meanings and sometimes even in the nature of the arcana card. For example, in Thoth’s tarot, several of the above arcanas have been replaced by others..

In this article, we will learn only to interpret the major arcana yourself.


…Method to interpret yourself the arcanas of divination tarots…

You need for this method:

* A tarot deck

* A notebook

* A pen

* Calm

* Concentration.


• Take the tarot deck you want.

For example, we will take the tarot Marseille, which is the most famous.

• Take a random card / trump.

For the example, we will take the Juggler, first trump card.

bateleur2 (1)

As a general rule, here’s what the Juggler symbolizes:

* A child, a teenager, a boy, a girl.

* Positive meanings: undertake, learning, beginning, freedom, originality. He is the symbol of undisclosed talents.

* Negative meanings: deceptions, confusion, irresponsibility, clumsiness, cunning, laziness.

If you don’t like these meanings, if you do not understand them, or if you still do not remember them, see them as an encouragement to give your own interpretation! Nothing happens by chance.


•  Now, analyze the Juggler trump card yourself. You can take into account some elements of the pre-established symbolic interpretation.

• Concentrate only on the card you hold in your hand. You can look at it or close your eyes and touch it, just feel it. 

• The important thing is to write down all the words and phrases that come to mind when you observe or when you think of the Juggler.

• Once finished, you can lay the map and view the written words. Concentrate on these, and try to match each of these words to an anecdote, or reference.

• Find the links between these words and these anecdotes (joy, sadness, childhood, carelessness, friendship…).

•  Write down the lesson(s) you learned in these stories.

• Write down adjectives or positive things that come to your mind when you think back to these anecdotes.

• Note any adjectives or negative aspects that come to mind when you think back to these anecdotes.


Having made work your subconscious and your feelings,

you have just started your own analysis

and your own interpretation of a tarot arcana!


You can now organize your analysis this way, so you can find:

* Description of the card.

* Who does she represent?

* Its positive aspects.

* Its negative aspects.

* What are the lessons to be learned from this card.

You can even, if you feel ready, add the corresponding period of the year to the card.

How to do it?

* Think about a commonality between the stories you wrote before and a time of the year.

* Do you find recurrences when at the time of the year when these anecdotes happened, where do you think these anecdotes?

No. You will find the time of year to assign it later.

Yes. This time of year can be attributed to the analyzed card.

To help you understand how to interpret your cards, do not hesitate to make your tarot of Marseille reading online


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