Kundalini (Sanskrit term) indicates a very powerful energy which rests in each of us. According to the philosophy of Tantra, she is a snake goddess who sleeps wrapped around our first chakra (the root chakra)..

Kundalini dragonkundalini chakra

* By practicing meditation, the Kundalini can awaken and rise through our body along our spine (thus it follows our 7 main chakras and opens them).

Once the Kundalini is awakened, it is said that our chakras are purified and our mind too.

Spiritual practice awakens the goddess. It can also wake up spontaneously in some people.

kundalini enlightment

When she wakes up spontaneously, it can disturb the person who feels this awakening. It is very important to be accompanied because it leaves a feeling of disorientation, of surprise. Indeed: when our Kundalini is awakened, it takes away a ‘veil’ and allows us to contemplate the world as it is: sacred and divine. We then have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe as a whole. We can call it « enlightenment« . It brings us infinite wisdom. This is how we can understand that the source we call « God » is in each of us. A deep feeling of inner peace will invade you. If you manage to wake up your Kundalini, it will radically change the way you live your life.

* To awaken the Kundalini by Shaktipat or grace.

The Shaktipat is the spiritual force that guides all people to the enlightenment we talked about just above.

It is considered an act of grace on the part of an already awakened being, or by the divine. The recipient must be open to an energy flow because the reception of this energy cannot be forced. In order to receive such an energy flow and to access your increasingly higher states of consciousness, deep meditation and peace, as well as the presence of an enlightened being at your side are necessary.


* Some forms of yoga can also awaken our Kundalini.

For example, sahaja yoga or kundalini yoga.


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