Open your chakras using Mantras

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How to open your Chakras using Mantras?


A Mantra is a series of syllables, words, which must be spoken aloud or in an internalized manner. It is universal and can be used by everyone.

When reciting a Mantra, it is very important to emit the sound correctly. Indeed: the sound generates a vibration which has a power. It acts on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional: this is why Mantras are very often used for meditation.

Why recite Mantras during meditation?

If you cannot clear your thoughts enough to meditate and the flow of your inner thoughts or words are incessant, the use of Mantras is recommended.

It allows our incessant thoughts to be more easily ignored. So we can focus on the pronunciation and recitation of the Mantras. So we can more easily enter into a state of deep meditation.

Here are some examples of sacred mantras:


• OM Mantra 

is a universal sound considered a primordial sound. It contains the vibration of the universe. It symbolizes God.




This mantra is very powerful. It represents the compassion and grace of all bodhisattvas and buddhas. It purifies our mind and opens it to Love and Compassion.




• GAYATRI Mantra 

has immense powers. It brings wisdom, purifies negative karma and can help enlightenment

Gayatri mantra

A Mantra can open a Chakra, for example, the Mantra OM opens the Ajna Chakra.

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