Open your chakras using stones


How to open or harmonize your Chakras using stones?

Passionate about Stones and their immense power, I decided to make an article explaining how to open or harmonize our chakras using stones. I have already used this method and it has helped me deeply. I am always filled with well-being and positive energy after these meditation sessions. I recommend it to all.

  • How to do?

Obtain the stones corresponding to each of the 7 main chakras. (see article Chakras and Stones).

*Settle in a peaceful place. Do not hesitate to put zen music, incense or burning (white) candles. This allows us to raise our vibrational frequency. Listening to mantras is also highly recommended when working with our chakras.

* Lie on your back, arms at your sides and palms up. Place each stone at the level of the corresponding Chakra.

* Clear your mind. Think positive. Imagine your positive energy in the form of light, flower, ball, fire, water, breath … It’s up to you to imagine, this is very personal.

* Focus on each stone and the energy it transmits to you. Harmonize your positive energy already present and the positive energy of the stones.

* Breathe slowly, deeply, making sure to inflate your belly with each breath and to breathe gently when you exhale.

* As soon as you feel it, remove the stones from the top to the bottom. Be sure to purify your stones after this session. See the article How to purify your stones.

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