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The Emperor – Tarot of Marseille


The Emperor is the 4th major arcana tarot of Marseille.

​​Symbols of the Emperor

The Emperor represents the solid, the concrete, the stability, the infinite world, the support.

Sitting on a cube, the most stable geometric form, the Emperor exercises power without being a despot. Thus, it represents the secret of power locked in balance and in the control of authority and force. He does not use the weakness of others and does not abuse the powers conferred upon him.
The 4 represents it: this number is associated with the stability, the finite world, the seasons, the cardinal points, the directions, the cosmic elements …
His right hand represents the solar and the active. The scepter he holds represents the power of the soul .

The shield of the Emperor is decorated with an eagle. It reinforces the idea of ​​being able .

​​The time, place, and duration of the forecast

The Emperor represents summer, the end of autumn, the end of winter, the months of March, April, July and August, the days of the week Thursday and Sunday, and the signs astros Lion and Sagittarius.

The far lands, the alien and the colonies are represented by the Emperor.

The card effect lasts for about a year . The predictions of the map come to light after about a month .


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