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The Judgment – Tarot of Marseille


The Judgment is the 20th major arcana of the Marseille tarot.

Judgment Symbols

Judgment represents: truth, material, spiritual, separation, balance, punishment, reward.

An angel with large wings is represented on the Judgment card. He blows in his trumpet, perched on a blue cloud. He most probably represents the angel Michel (who is the messenger, the judge and the guide of souls) .

The trumpet announces the victory of the spirit on the matter.

Three people are present at the bottom of the map. They can represent a family, but also the resurrected Triad arising from the grave. They are regenerated humanity. Their nakedness represents innocence, purity preceding original sin.

The Judgment represents the separation of the material and the spiritual.

Judgment Message

The Judgment delivers the following message: life is rewarded or punished after the death toll. Man is born transmuted, having accomplished his ultimate transformation.

Location, time, and duration of the forecast

The Judgment represents the month of February, Saturday, Aquarius and Pisces.

It is associated with radio stations, airports, cinemas.

The effect of the card is very short: one to two weeks.


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