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The Sun – Tarot of Marseille

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The Sun is the 19th major arcana of the Marseille tarot.

Signification of the Sun

The Sun represents: reason, male principle, activity, femininity, receptivity, purity, truth, light, wealth, gold, change, stability, constancy, Mercury.

On the map, you can see a couple of twins hugging each other tenderly. They perform almost a dance step. They are triumphant under the light of truth.

The gold color represents philosophy, spirit, alchemy.

Message of the Sun

The light of the sun ,the divine presence, seems to be able to redeem men.

Places, time, and duration of the forecast

The Sun is associated with late spring, summer solstice, June, Wednesday, Sunday, Lions and Gemini.

It is also associated with outdoor places, exposed to the sun, deserts, beaches.

The effect of the card can be 3 weeks, a month, and even a year. To know it, it is enough to refer to the cards with which the Sun is coupled.


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